What pregnant moms are reading in France (our top 10)

With the barrage of information on the internet and all the classic books appearing in online sites or as apps, the relevance of pregnancy books as a means of information has definitely reduced. If “What to expect when you are expecting” was the top choice of pregnant moms 5 years ago, now it doesn’t hold much relevance with the same information being available online.

The first time I was pregnant, “What to expect” was like a bible I swore by and it had all the information I needed. I like to be prepared and this book helped me do just that. But when I suggested the same to a friend, she had a very different experience from reading the same book! She said it made her too scared of each and every small symptom and that’s when I realised that “no one shoe fits all”. Each expecting mother will have her own favourites.

Based on inputs from other moms-to-be and veteran mommies, we have compiled a list of books you should take a look at in the nine months of pregnancy.

1.    French Mamma’s Pregnant in France: Learn French & What to Expect: For a mom expecting her baby in France this is the first book I would recommend since it has all the information that you need along with the basic vocabulary that you need to know if you want to communicate with your healthcare provider. It has sections both in French and English making it useful for both. It’s written by an expat mom and gives you details ranging from the nitty gritty of the French administration to what to expect at your hospital.

2.    Ina May’s Guide to childbirth: Written by a midwife with over 20 years of experience, this book is very empowering and helps an expecting mommy believe in herself to trust her body. Half of the book deals with real birth stories and the other half gives details about pregnancy and labour. Some people may find parts which are too hippy for their taste but all in all, this is a good book for information and building confidence.

3.    Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: This book has been compiled by doctors who are parents too. The information is up to date and provided by the world class Mayo Clinic. Easy to read and easy to understand are the major plus points of this book.

4.    What to expect when you are expecting: This book like the previous one gives week by week information on your pregnancy. I would suggest it to moms who are not prone to get tensed too quickly. It is practical and moderate advice that can be followed or not based on your own judgment.

5.    Bringing up Bebe: This one is not exactly a pregnancy book, it deals with more about parenting. The author paints a contrasting imagery of parenting in the US versus parenting in France. If you are going to bring up your child in France, it would a good idea to give this book a read-through. I am not saying you have to bring up your children the French way, but some ideas are surely worth adopting.

6.    The Healthy Pregnancy Book: Month by Month, Everything You Need to Know from America’s Baby Experts: Another book from the Dr. Sears brand of books, most moms agree that this book doesn’t scare an expectant mom. They give all sides of a condition and in some cases, the doctors give what they would personally prefer. It is a reassuring book which gives enough information about all aspects of pregnancy.

7.    The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads to be: This one is for the dad to be. Yes, if your husband is a reader it would be a good idea to get him this book so that he feels he is involved in the whole process too. Else, don’t bother.

8.    Belly laughs: A light read in between is very refreshing. Don’t go to this book for information, that’s not the purpose of this book. This is more of a hilarious account of what to expect in reality VS the written knowledge.

9.    What to eat when you are pregnant: If you plan to read many books in your pregnancy then one of them should be a book that helps you with the nutrition during pregnancy. This book gives you just that. All the information related to what to eat, what not to eat, simple recipes to try and more nutritional information.

10.    The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly: If you like keeping a journal, this book is a must-buy for you. It is a weekly guide with a section to record your feelings and emotions on a weekly basis. You have space to stick your photos and ultrasounds. It will be a great gift to give your child when she or he is old enough to read and understand.The modern moms-to-be want to read more about the personal experiences and insights of other moms or midwives or even doctors. Hence the changing trend in the type of books that are top 10 reads while you are on that amazing journey of creating life.

Do you have a favorite that we’ve missed? Would love to hear from you, drop us a comment below!


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