A day at the lake in Provence

Lac Saint-Cassien is one of the most visited areas in the Provence region of Fayence – it’s about 30 minutes from Cannes going towards Provence or the VAR


As it a natural attraction, the area remains fragile, and great care must be taken to help preserve the unspoiled nature you will experience here. It is up to everyone to respect the lake, the forest, and vegetation that surrounds the lake.

The lake was Originally intended for the production of hydroelectric power, however today it has become an attraction in the region.


The lake consist of 420 hectares of wild magnificent South of France wild forest. You’ll enjoy many activities for your at the lake, such as:
Water games, pedal boats, inflatable game area, fishing, Rowing, Hiking, or just relaxing.

I hate to say it, but unfortunately, there has been some critical accidents while on slide pédalos, of older children hitting their heads and the worst happening. These are very sad times. Therefore PLEASE special attention for children AND adults (whether you’re an Olympic swimmer or not), to wear life vests while on slide pedalos during an outing on the lake. 

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