Are French lovers the best?

Let’s talk about love.

The French are well known for being romantic yet they are quite split when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Fewer than 50% of French couples celebrate Valentine’s Day and many people love to hate the holiday, and they are quite proud that they don’t celebrate it. Seems bizarre for the most romantic country in the world. Sorry Italy.

While it’s understandable that some people do not like the commercial side of Valentine’s day, wouldn’t you say our world is so cold that we need to celebrate love?

Putting Valentine’s day aside, the French do have a reputation for being the best lovers in the world. Could that be true? or is it all just hype? If you’re curious about dating in France, then there are some rules that may be different according which country you’re from.

For instance, it is not acceptable to date several different people at the same time. In addition, you have to get used to some heavy public display of affection (PDA).

If you think that is great, there are other good things about dating a French.

First of all, it’s not cliche to say the French are super lovey-dovey. Their dating “rules” are so flattering and romantic that some have said it should be the set standard for dating in general.

And get this, sex is not a taboo, so there is no standard wait time to get in the sack with someone.

Another thing you don’t have to wait for is to become boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ve seen French men go from 0 to iloveyou in 60 seconds, it moves a lot faster than what I was used to.

I am no expert, but it’s hard to resist that beautiful accent as it reels us in. That being said, if you have a french partner, the accent eventually wears off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But where there’s good there will be some bad. The French, in general, complain A LOT.

Of course, we cannot generalise about love, so we can’t put them all in the same basket.

The only thing is for sure is that French people take dating seriously. It’s very intense compared to other countries, and they are not ashamed to be romantic or to flirt. In fact flirting is kind of a national pastime for both men and women. Hmm, eat drink and flirt – la vie est belle.

Dating habits in France have changed over time, and more so within the last 2 decades. More and more French people are accepting the idea of Internet dating. And that is just happening today. It has changed in the last couple of years, where about 20% of French people date online.

Unlike many countries where there are specialized dating sites that match you based on your profession, your religion, or even your hobbies, some of the most popular dating sites in France has the women calling the shots.

For example, there is a site called Adoptamec (adopt a guy) where the woman is the one to make the first move. Then there are the very controversial site Gleeden which is the first extra-marital dating site made by women. Interesting though according to the site founder it does not promote infidelity, however on their website description it says “The first extra-marital dating website for married and unfaithful people. Taste adultery and try a discreet relationship with your lover.”

Speaking of infidelity, France is quite famous or rather infamous for being tolerant of an unfaithful partner. Perhaps more of a cliche that is perpetuated by French pop culture, for example in the movies it seems as if everyone is cheating on each other. There are also high-profile politicians who had some very high-profile affairs as well, so as an outsider looking in, it does seem bleak.

Nevertheless, studies have shown that France is the least judgemental country when it comes to infidelity, and that attitude seems to influence behavior. About half of French men and a third of French women have cheated on their partner.

That being said there are a lot of misconception about French sexuality. Some sociologist says just because they are honest about cheating doesn’t necessarily mean that they cheat more. They are just less hypocritical than in other countries, hence the numbers may appear higher. The french will argue that they are more realistic about the challenges of a monogamy relationship and the possibility of having a flexible one.

In all fairness, I have been with my French partner for many years, and we are quite happy keeping it monogamous. So again it’s not fair to generalize the whole country.

Are you thinking of dating a French person? Drop a comment if you want more insights from any of us here at Frenchrivierago. We would love to hear from you.

1 comment for “Are French lovers the best?

  1. Keith Liddiard
    May 13, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    Thanks Danielle, I’ve lived in Lyon for the last 10 years and think your observation that they are just more open about infidelity rather than there being actual differences is my experience. Its to easy to generalise and there is some romance attached rather than reality. Enjoyed the article and as a Francophile who put my money where my mouth is and moved lock stock and barrel glad I found your site. Positively, Keith

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