Is Italy really giving away old castles?

Yes, they are, but there is a catch.

Well of course there is a catch. The offer only stands if the person who wins the property commits to a long term contract to restoring and renovating the castle. In other words you must turn this old run down castle (the run down ones are the only ones up for grab) into a tourist facility. You need to think fast, deadline is June 26th 2017….oh and you need to be under 40. Tough luck for some of us.

Also looks like some major finance planning needs to go into action before deciding, as these old castles are not cheap to renovate.

If you meet all the criteria to apply, there are some things to keep in mind – because there are tons of under 40 people that has that kind of money it takes to renovate a castle – you must return the Castle after 18 years. WHAT? Ok stop right there, sounds like a NO DEAL to me.

And good luck if you are a foreigner trying to hire Italian workers, but that’s another article.

Can’t make the deadline or you application was denied?  No worries, they’ll be giving away other antique artifacts for the next 2 years. But I what’s the catch there.

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