La Fête du Miel or Honey Festival on the French Riviera

There are many honey festivals on The French Riviera. This particular festival was in the town Mouans-Sartoux. Honey Festivals are fun, educational and a tasting event that takes place every year on the last Sunday of April.

This event is organized by The Mairie (Town Hall) in partnership with Apiculteurs in the Provence Alpes-Maritimes area.

This year there were more than 30 professional apiculture farms and 5 other farmers (olive oil, cheese, wines)

There was a live demonstration of opening a bee hive


Best honey ice-cream I’ve ever tasted. So organically home made, so full of goodness. O.M.G.

Honey tasting, and other delicacies tastings on almost all the stands

These guys represent what the real “artisan” is all about. The honey extraction process

Fun workshops: Manufacture and decoration of honey wax candles, honey pastry, a pollen hunt to learn the relationship between bee and flower

Many beekeepers show their products and share their savior faire

For more information: 04 93 75 75 16 or click here

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