A mother’s review for the new Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been out for some time, and it does seem to be one of the more interesting consoles/handheld devices out there. So we decided to do a review.

The capability of the Nintendo switch

First off the screen itself is 720p, which means it can barely output 1080p. Once you get over the fact that this thing is not going to put out 4K HDR, I think you’re going to find there is a lot to enjoy with the Nintendo Switch.

There is a lot of pros but some of the cons are a little too big to ignore. But there is a lot of both.

Despite Nintendo going for mass market appeal here, I definitely think that the Nintendo Switch is going to appeal to a very small group of gamers. Hear me out.

Let’s talk about hardware. The console itself

Where Nintendo vision seems to come together best is when the actual Nintendo is in your hands and when it’s really doing what it’s supposed to do. But to break it down itself, the switch as a portable device feels nice and premium, the finish is textured just enough, but it does generate a lot of greasy fingerprints.

The Nintendo Switch controllers feel smoother and software always recognizes it. Everything here just kind of plays nice. The border around the screen does feel large at first, which might put you off. But actually, we got get used to it pretty quickly.

Plus I think we didn’t mind in part because the screen quality was really awesome even though the screen itself is 720p but since it’s so small and the screen color calibration does such a good job we did not notice it too much either.

It’s going to bother some but my advice is to take it as a trade off for more power. It’s surprisingly small and thin and not heavy at all but it’s still larger than a 3DS, obviously, you can’t put it in your pocket because it’s a very specific size, and I don’t think it’s really going to work for everyone in travel situations. But it’s mostly a good device.

The device has a fan that isn’t loud and the console hasn’t gotten very hot for us personally. It’s a nice handheld gaming device. The USB as a connector is pretty awesome, and it’s one of the best universal powers and data connection. it’s nice to see Nintendo not go proprietary and embrace the norm. However, you can’t charge the thing when it’s resting in table top mode because the connector is at the bottom.

So if you’re playing on a desk or a table or whatever you’re out of luck. Nintendo does make an accessory for this but still. But when that kickstand is out and you’re playing tabletop games especially with friends it’s surprisingly fun and cool. It’s definitely not something you should ignore if you’re into social gaming with friends.

Not really sure if this is really going to be the game changer that the Nintendo Switch brings, I think time will have to tell with that. It could fizzle out or it could take off. Connecting it to the dock and continuing to play on your tv works exactly as advertised. It seems like it would be a small thing but it never gets old and feels and works great and seamlessly this is 100% a Nintendo switch at its best.

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Nintendo figured out how we play games and is trying something different here. This is where I think they’re 100% successful. Well mostly. The dock actually itself is kind of a disappointment. It’s got nice cable management but it does feel like a cheap hunk of plastic. In fact, it really doesn’t do much other than connecting. It doesn’t even charge the device fast enough while you’re using it because charging is struggling to keep up with supplying power for real time play. It hasn’t become an issue yet after a few days but here and there in a pinch, I could definitely see it doing so. Also since it does feel like a cheap plastic thing, placing it in the dock feels like you can easily scratch the tablet screen.

There is also no Bluetooth headset support. What is that about? I am all for simplified hardware and operating system stuff but this just seems like a glaring omission. In terms of software and operating system well it’s clean and simple. There is not much to say other than its one of the more cleaner and simple designs Nintendo has ever done and that’s a good thing.

Also, the fact that the e-shop isn’t region locked is pretty great and it’s already made a huge difference in terms of game availability. From settings to adding friends online it’s all pretty easy.

But a real red flag here is that Nintendo’s online service and even the eventual virtual console are not available yet online. It doesn’t seem promising especially since it seems as if it would be a paid service eventually. That kind of sucks.

In terms of controllers, the joy-con does the job just fine. They are small and may slightly cramp larger hands but I was expecting them to feel much much worse and I turned out to be pleasantly surprised.

In fact, despite picking up that pro controller to counteract this problem, I found myself using the joy-con grip more often while playing on TV.

If you were eyeing the pro controller think long and hard about it. The controller is insanely over priced and the joy-con grip may surprise you. I think it’s adequate. I also have to say that we didn’t experience any connection loss with the joy-con, you may have seen people reporting that and talking about it and while it may affect many, we did not see any drops even in like changing distance or playing with a controller underneath a blanket… everything seemed fine by us!

I won’t say run out and buy a Nintendo Switch this second unless you’re a huge hardcore fan. Or if you love tech and you like being an early adopter, but you should be ok with putting up with some of the disappointments because there are some.

But there is also some unique experience that I kind of love to hate and hate to love.

I would love to know if you get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, how do you feel about it so far? Have you faced any problems with the joy-con grip? I have heard a lot of people having problems with it. Also, have you broken anything yet? Do you find the joy-con to be delicate? Share what your take on this.

If you’re on the fence with this we want to hear your perspective.

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