How to get started with Affiliate Marketing and make money online

If you had told me 2 months ago I would be blogging, I would have not believed you.

The idea of blogging came to me when I was looking for ways to make money online, so naturally I was seeking guidance on how to do that efficiently and effectively.

There were numerous search results of making an online income – it was hard to miss the them, and it was here I learned about affiliate marketing as a means.

I discovered many scams online in my research, but somehow when I came across Wealthy Affiliate, my gut instinct kept pushing me to try it. I reasoned that I had nothing to lose, and could always cancel after a month and a half (2 free weeks, plus 1 month of an investment of $19). However the moment I signed up (freebie) changed my professional purpose, and it happened in less than a month.

Today I couldn’t think of a more powerful tool. I feel empowered, doing something that I take pleasure in, while making an income.

In a nutshell Wealthy Affiliate has taught me that in order to have a successful online business, I first had to find a niche, after which, I had to inject quality content, then I had to learn the ABCs (and more) of internet marketing (including effective SEO, long-tail keyword search and so on).

I was not reluctant to join them because they offered 2 weeks premium membership completely free – so I did not even need a credit card to sign up.

That being said, I had to put in the hours if I wanted to be successful, as there were no promised get-rich-quick schemes.

Since starting my blog, there are so many things I have learned. Plus there is a satisfaction knowing that people are reading what I care about.

There are no restrictions, I am my own boss

There is a lot of time spent on reflecting and researching, so the learning never stops. At the same time making a modest income, which I know will increase with more time and effort.

5 reasons why I love Wealthy Affiliate

It can feel like a daunting task to start your own blog website – a blog is a website, a niche is basically your related topics on your blog.  And today there are so many different websites to help you get started on blogging, but I feel trust and support at Wealthy Affiliate.

I started looking high and low online for other programs with good reviews, but I haven’t seen any detailed program online that teaches you and supports you as much as this one does.

Their online courses are constantly updated with newly released products for ideas, new marketing techniques, news about what’s happening in the online community, and all of this is done in real time. There are some members that have been there for year and years, and they will tell you the same thing: it’s a gold mine out there.

Why did I choose Wealthy Affiliate?

When I joined I had immediately had access to numerous getting-started tutorials, explaining exactly how internet marketing worked – you’ll find beginners, as well as very experienced marketers. The program literally took me by the hand and walked me through everything that I needed to know to get started. All the training resources were grouped into categories so I was able to focus on specific techniques.

They’ve removed the guess work for me, and I am being molded into an internet marketer as they provide the resources.

There’s also a list of specific tools that are available to save time and produce optimal results. There is the keyword research tool – basically, you use this for your long-tail keyword which is very profitable to your SEO strategy, there is also a search tool for hot products- if that is what your niche is about, and more you should check out.

Here is an example of their Keyword Search Tool, and how my “How to make fluffy slime” came about:

The tools and research section is worth its weight in gold for any internet marketer at any level.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own website builder which is available to all members so you can have your website up and be running in literally a matter of minutes. Websites are fully managed and there aren’t any web hosting fees for full members. In addition, there are 1000s of WordPress themes to choose from.

One of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is an exceptional community support forum. Nowhere online have I seen such a high quality, frequently moderated, and valuable forum like this one.

The support forum had been a large deciding point for me. They have more than 800,000 members, and most of them hang out and literally spill their guts about Internet marketing techniques, strategies, hot markets and what has worked for them. Amazing. I have a feeling I will be a member for years.

They promote sharing of knowledge because learning from others is a very effective way to improving one’s skills. I love reading success posts (especially when I need a little boost). There is absolutely no question that you ask that will go unanswered, and I think this is also what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest.

Today Frenchrivierago community blog is making more than I initially thought it would, but what’s even better is that I know this is just the beginning. We are an optimist bunch, so the sky is the limit, depending on the time and effort invested.

Anyways, in the end, it’s completely free for the first 2 weeks, so what do you have to lose? You can thank me later, or send me a bottle of champagne – I like to drink brut.

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  1. May 11, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    I like the personal story, your explanation of wealthy affiliate is great and it is a great program, good luck to you in all you do

  2. May 13, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Hi Madmoiselle

    Thanks for sharing your story and glad you found Wealthy affiliate, in my opinion, they really do provide the best training for affiliate marketers at a really reasonable price. I think your personal touch to this wealthy affiliate review will resonate with a lot of people.
    I wish you the best

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