How to remove the tint in car windows

As many of you may already know, car windows that are tinted more than 30% are forbidden in France. The new law went into full effect on January 1st, 2017.

As of 1 January 2017, it is forbidden to drive with front side windows over 30% tinted. For offenders, there is a fine of 135 euros, accompanied by 3 points off on the driver’s license.

70% transparency, or 30% tint

The reason behind this was so that law enforcements could easily see the driver from the outside. So systematic drivers that are phoning, texting, watching movies (unbelievable but I have actually seen this one time too many, especially here on the French Riviera) on their smart device better watch out. 

Tinted windows also reduce visibility at night and diminish visual contact between the driver and pedestrians or other drivers as well. For example, when you’re at an intersection there is usually an exchanged looked that allows a silent communication between drivers, which in many cases can avoid accidents.

You’re not affected if your car window is already tinted at 30%, which means that you have a 70% transparency rate. Armored vehicles and vehicles with medical constraints are also not affected by this law. Any tint that reduces the 70% transparency could get the driver a ticket for 135 euros and 3 points down the drain. Currently, there are many people trying to get the tint out of their cars (like myself this past weekend), as there are an estimated two million cars that have tinted windows. Yikes.

But removing the tint yourself is not as difficult as you may think. My partner was able to remove my front window tint at home with a few tools: heat gun, a scraper, acetone, and some clean rags.

Check out the video in English here:

Or click here for the video in French

Rear windows are not affected

The 70% transparency rate only applies to the front side windows and does not concern the back ones. 

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